December 6, 2009

Tonight, our church held its annual children's Christmas program. Each year, the Sunday school children put on a play about the birth of Jesus.

They also try to include the younger ones. Last year, Nathan was supposed to be part of the play. But he didn't like that idea. He didn't like getting on stage and he definitely didn't like the idea of having to say lines in front of so many people. He was 2, so of course, that's understandable.

This year, his little Sunday school class got to hold up signs and say one-liners.

Each of the girls said these lines:

S for Saviour
T for good Tidings
A for Angels
R for Redeemer

And my little guy (oh mi goodness I just realized he was the only boy in the class) said:

STAR! Merry Christmas Everyone!

I am so proud of him. He went up on stage all by himself. He didn't need me to stand behind him. He held his sign high so everyone could see. And he said his line into the mic.

Merry Christmas everyone, indeed! I am starting to feel the spirit of Christmas.

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