Yummy Pretzels

December 18, 2009

You can probably judge how good friend someone is based on the recipes they share with you. A good friend will share a good recipe with you. A bad friend will share a bad recipe with you because they're too selfish to share their good ones with you. Nah, I'm just kidding.

Anyway, I did receive a sweet little recipe from a good friend a long time ago. In fact, there's a story to go with it. Just a little one. I don't want to keep this recipe away from you for too long.

The story:

I got this recipe from the bridal shower held at my church. I didn't really know many of the ladies there, but my husband grew up there and so they were all very nice to me. One of the ladies wrote down this recipe for chocolate dipped pretzels and I thought to myself, "I'm really have to watch my figure here. Maybe I won't try this recipe just yet." So I put the recipe aside and basically forgot about it. Fast-forward about a year and a half. Now, I'm really good friends with this lady (See? Good friend, good recipe; good recipe, good friend) and I helped her make it for a gift-basket giveaway at our church a couple weeks ago. We had some leftovers, I nibbled on one, and I fell in love.

And now to the good part.

The recipe:

Chocolate Skor Bites
- 1 bag pretzels (you might not use the whole bag, but a few extra might get eaten in the process... just sayin')
- 1 bag chocolate chips
- 1-2 bags Skor bits

- melt chocolate
- dip pretzel in
- cover chocolate-dipped pretzel in Skor bits
- lay on a cookie sheet (covered with wax paper for easy clean-up) to cool

See? Easy peasy. Sweet and simple.

1 comment:

choifish said...

I forgot to tell you that me and the roommies LOVED these so, so much!! It was a great munchie! It almost hurt me to share them haha

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