Nathan Goes To The Hospital

December 20, 2009

I know this post is so overdue but it took some time for me to process and recover from this whole 'adventure'. Plus, it's for my own records, really. In case I forget.

Two Fridays ago, the three of us spent a relaxing night together as a family and headed out to Chapters. It was all nice until the germ-infested spawn of a neglectful parent showed up. He put his germy paws all over the trains and got all in our faces and wouldn't leave us alone. By the end of the night, Nathan started coughing.

For the entire weekend, I was so upset at that awful parent. I couldn't believe Nathan got sick again. The poor guy just got better a week ago and now he's sick again?! I was outraged!

We thought we could just wait it out, it's just a little cold. Then, Monday afternoon, Nathan started complaining about not being able to breathe. The poor thing kept saying, "Oh dear. I can't breathe. Mommy, help me breathe!" I was heartbroken. How could this happen to us!

We brought him to the ER and he was diagnosed with pneumonia. He was later admitted because he wasn't responding to the medication. That was probably the last thing we wanted to hear because all Nathan wanted was to go home. He was bored of being at the hospital. It was no fun and it didn't help make him better. Until...

They stuck him with an IV. My guy was so incredibly brave. Not a single cry was heard as the nurse stuck the needle in his arm, took his blood and taped the tubes down. Not even a whimper. The nurses were so impressed they told a police officer who paid us a visit to give Nathan a special present!

After that point, it was all one huge big adventure with one surprise after another. After a long wait, the EMS guys showed up with a gurney but Nathan insisted on walking by himself. He rode in the ambulance to a different hospital.

When he got to his room and actually wanted to be put into the crib. It was like he was walking into a 5-star hotel room. He was so happy and amazed... until he realized he was going to be stuck in that tiny room for a while. Then, he got bored out of his mind and kept asking when he could go home. And a million other questions. It only got annoying when he started each question with "Mom, ...".

My little genius became a little chatterbox and couldn't stop asking questions over and over again. And when I tried to ignore him, he'd just say "mom" over and over again until I cracked. He's a persistent little one! Eventually we got discharged and got to go home.

We're just so thankful that our little guy is back to normal. (And I'm so thankful we're not stuck in that tiny room anymore. It's nice to have some space...)


princess_pauper said...

awww...poor guy.

but he was so brave!

pink said...

awww... HEARTMELT! I dunno how you did it, Bee!! just READING about this adventure made my heart sink a little...imagining the needles and hospital rooms...and the little guy being in the center of it all!

But, what a champ, Nathan is!! he makes me feel like a little pansy girl when I complain about having to get needles done. he showed me, good!

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