Mr. Potato and a Sizzling Wok

January 3, 2010

The one thing about not being in university anymore is that your friends are no longer just a short walk away.

Now, our schedules no longer revolve around our classes and meetings. They revolve around work and more school, and other obligations.

Now, when we get together, we can't just call and say "hey, let's meet up in 10 minutes at Second Cup". We actually have to plan, and drive.

So it's always a treat when our friends can come over to hang out with us, even if it's for a little while.

And when else do you get Mr. Potato cooking lunch for us on a sizzling wok. See? Funny things happen when our friends are around.


pink said...

distance will NOT conquer our friendships!!

annnnnd...I will have TONS of stuff to do with all that knitting gear you got me! I need a basket/bag to keep all my stuff from rolling around, now. IDEA!! i'll sew one! haha...I'm getting all crafty and things....LIKE YOU! being domestic is fun!!

choifish said...

i concur! and THANKYOU! i've already been putting the thermoses and planner into excellent use. They've really been getting me through my days.

i miss our second cup rendezvous. <3

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