Nathan Starts Swimming

January 4, 2010

Nathan went for his first ever swimming lesson today and he was a star. He still doesn't like getting water on his face but he didn't start crying half way through the lesson like the other boy. And he was the only one in his class who went down the little water slide! I was so proud of him!

I couldn't take pictures of him in the pool because he was so far away (and other inconsiderate parents kept standing in front of me... even though there was tonnes of space around me for them to stand), and I didn't take pictures of him in the change room for obvious reasons.

I do have a story to share though, for anyone who's looking for a little laugh.

After his lesson, I got Nathan to go take a shower. While I was fiddling with a shower knob, I didn't realize I was standing under another shower head. One that was connected to a motion-sensor. Clearly in my fiddling, I created enough motion to set the thing off. So I was standing under the shower fully clothed, and I got soaked, furry hood and all. And Nathan stood just out of range and stayed completely dry, asking me why my coat was all wet.

I suppose this answers the question Andrew asked me before the lesson of how I was going to stay dry while giving Nathan a shower. I wasn't.

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Alana said...

Hahaha! I love it. Way to go Nathan :)

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