44. Get a real job

February 26, 2010

On Monday, I started my first day of my brand new, real-life, I'm-an-adult-now job.

It wasn't much different from when I was a student there just last week, but at the same time it was. Now I'm getting paid to be there every day, as opposed to the 210 hours I worked there for free.

I had it pretty easy the first day, not a whole lot to do and we even got to go home early because of the bad driving conditions. It's nice to know that your work place cares about you and wants you to get home safely!

But the next day, they were short-staffed so they threw me in there all by myself. Luckily, I was put with a client I had experience working with so it went by pretty smoothly.

I'm surprised at how well I'm adjusting to my new routine. I get to bed early and I'm up before the sun! It's going to get harder from here on in, I'm sure. But hopefully I'll be able to deal with the challenges as they arise.

YAY! I have a full-time job! With benefits!

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