Beginning of Birth-Week 2010

February 8, 2010

How to start a birth-week the right way:

1. Spend a weekend up at Horseshoe Valley with 12 of your craziest relatives.
Snowboard. Drink. Play Twister aggressively. Eat. Choose teams. Play Cranium WOW.

2. Watch the Super Bowl with your two favourite guys, eating pizza and wings.

3. Rest, while you wait for the effects of the weekend to wear off.

4. Get a call about the interview you went for last week. Get offered a job!

5. Witness your son zip his jacket up by himself. (Finally!)


jellobaby said...

sounds like an awesome week so far! :)

happy birth week!!! :)

Andrew said...

i like number 2 :)

(well i like all of them, but you know..)

choifish said...

what a freakin awesome week! :) yayyyyy birthweek!

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