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March 7, 2010

Number 91 on my new 101 list is to try new restaurants. I want to branch out from my usual choices and try out some new cuisines and new places.

Last night, I went out for some Korean with the boys and Jay. Usually, I don't eat Korean unless we're with my parents - they're big fans. And usually when they get the idea to eat Korean, it's really hard to convince them to choose something else.

Anyway, last night, I was up for trying something new so my sister brought us to Hana Korea.

It's a small establishment on Baldwin St. in Downtown Toronto, run by a Korean couple. My sister tells me that it literally is a two-man.. well, one-man-one-woman show. I found this out after I commented on how the man was running up and down the restaurant as if he was the only server. Well, turns out he was.

I usually don't know what to order at Korean restaurants. I usually stick with something "safe", and my safe food is noodles.

But last night, I dared to try something else. I can't say my dish was anything spectacular. I've eaten something like it before, but never ordered it at a Korean restaurants so I consider this a little step outside of my comfort zone.

I also thought maybe that might not be enough, so I ventured even further out of my comfort zone by trying the banchan served before our entrees arrive. Typically, I'd just sit and watch as the rest of my family ate them. This time, I joined in and now I can officially say I have eaten kimchi.

Can't say it's one of my favourites.

The kimchi I mean. The restaurant was cute, and if you don't mind getting your own water, it's a nice little place to get a cheap, hot meal.

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