Mr. Booger the Snowman

March 4, 2010

While we were up in Richmond Hill, I thought I'd take advantage of their snow and my parent's yard, and make a snowman!

It was one of the things on my old 101 list that I hadn't crossed off yet, and I really wanted to build a snowman with Nathan.

As soon as we got there, we suited up and headed out to play in the snow.

I started out making a snowball. Nathan helped me for a little bit, until he got bored and said it was big enough. He just doesn't have the patience required to make a good snowman.

So after a while, it was just me making the snowman while Nathan played around in the snow and Andrew (so graciously) shovelled the driveway. Ever so often, he'd come back to check on my progress. He's a good supervisor like that.

Other times, he'd be off climbing dirty snow hills.

Here's the prime example of Nathan's impatience.

"It's big enough! Put it on! Put the eyes in!"

Luckily for Mr. Booger, Andrew convinced Nathan that his head needed to be bigger.

Then, my family came home and we all took a family picture with Mr. Booger.

Oh, and why is his name Mr. Booger?

Because my dad decided to add a little somethin'-somethin' to the snowman's stick nose, and that's when Nathan named him. My dad's funny like that.

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pink said...

i LOVE the family portrait around the Mr. Booger!!!! fantastic!

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