Hang On, BO

March 22, 2010

I hope Baby Orchid is doing okay at home.

It's really dry in our condo and before we left, I had to water her every other day. I really hope BO (read Beau, not B.O.) survives this drought. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea buying a plant, knowing we'd be leaving for a long trip shortly after.

Maybe if we're lucky, my sister will drop by to water her and she won't die.

Here's a picture of BO before we left. A few of her flowers were just starting to open.

We'll be home soon! Hang in there!


S2jay said...

is that your way of leaving a subtle hint that i should go water your plant?

i watered it on sunday..

Kayla said...

I love the orchid. I do not have anything close to green thumb but I wish I did. I'd grow orchids and gerber daisies everywhere!


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