And We're Back

March 29, 2010

We're finally back from Orlando! Yup, that's right - we took Nathan to Disney for his 4th birthday!

It was 8 glorious days of no internet and no phone. I was so disconnected and I loved it. It was liberating.

The one thing I missed was blogging (I didn't forget about you guys!).

I have tonnes of pictures and stories to share but first... I must recuperate. We took the 12AM flight out of Orlando, Nathan didn't let me sleep a wink the whole flight, then Andrew and I stayed up til 4 trying to get settled back in at home. Somehow we ended up waking up at 9:30 so we got ready to go to church for Palm Sunday, had lunch with our young adults group, came home for a quick nap and we went right out again to my parents' place for Nathan's birthday party!

So I haven't really had a moment to relax and gather all my thoughts. But I will be back soon! I promise.

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choifish said...

welcome back! :)

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