Orlando 2010, Day 4: Animal Kingdom

May 4, 2010

We spent our first full Disney day at Animal Kingdom.

Nathan really enjoyed this park the last time we came so I was really excited to bring him back. Plus, now that he was older, he'd be able to appreciate it more.

We saw a lot of characters here.

Nathan waited so patiently in line. He wasn't crying or screaming like some other kids. He wasn't whining to be picked up or swinging on the chains. We were so proud of him!

Some of the characters were extra fun and played around with Nathan.

Then we started our trek around the park. We started off with some dinosaurs.

Nathan enjoyed them.

In fact, he enjoyed all of it except for the Dinosaur ride, which was a little scary. I think he was more scared because of the teenage girl freaking out behind him. He requested to never go on the ride again.

We also found some cool photo ops.

Here's my little scientist!

While he was hard at work, I overheard a conversation while I was watching my little genius at work about a boy asking his mom what a tamarin was (it was one of the exhibits on the way in - there was no missing it), to which she explained "That's what Pumbaa's friend from Lion King was". I immediately thought, "No, we *just* learned that the tamarin is that tiny monkey you saw on the way in. Plus, everyone knows Timon was a meerkat."

Was I taking education a little too seriously? There's nothing wrong with learning a little something on vacation, right?

They had a animal petting area where Nathan brushed a sheep's wool.

Then, Andrew got some nice shots of some cool birds.

And of course there was the parades and safari but we'll save those for another day.

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elizabeth said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun :D Love reading these recaps!

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