Orlando 2010, Day 5: Epcot

May 13, 2010

Before this trip, I had never been to Epcot so I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I heard little bits and pieces over the years about how the food you could try out food from different countries from around the world and how that was supposed to be a neat experience. Any time I hear something about good food, I get a little excited.

When we got there, we found that Epcot is divided into two sections - Future World and World Showcase.

We started off in Future World. The very first ride we went on was the Nemo ride. We all really like Nemo and it was a really cute ride... well, until our ride got stuck in front of the part where Marlin and Dory are being chased by the angler fish. Remember the angler fish?

Yeah, that one. At first, Nathan was terrified. But after a little while he got used to it and thought it was kind of funny.

When you get off the Nemo ride, you walk into the aquarium area. It was so neat to see all sorts of different fish and sea creatures. I had no idea manatees were so huge!

Can you find Nemo?

Nathan spent a lot of time staring at all the fish. He especially loved the sharks.

Same with Andrew. Maybe it's a boy thing.

After we finally left the aquarium, we went on a bunch of rides and watched a few interactive shows. They were pretty educational for the most part. Some of them were really fun for Nathan

At that time, their Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival was going on so they had a bunch of really neat floral displays.

Look at me talking about flower displays like an old lady. Well I wasn't the only one who enjoyed them. We gave Nathan the camera for a bit and he liked taking pictures of plants too! He also liked to get really close.

His favourite was the little pineapple plants. Look how cute it is!

Then, we began our journey around the world. I won't go into a whole lot of detail here but I'll give you my top 3 picks.

#1: Canada
Obviously. We started off here and I liked it because the layout was different. It wasn't just a flat area, it had different levels to it and it was one of the larger showcases.

#2: United Kingdom
We had so much fun here. The street performers (is that what they're called?) were so entertaining. At first, Andrew and I were enjoying a play that was actually pretty funny.

Then, Nathan got bored and wanted to play with some of the other street performers instead. They had huge dominos and playing cards. At first, Nathan sat on the sidewalk and watched. He slowly inched his way over and started playing with the people. Soon, he was building a line of dominos and people were standing around watching him!

I was so proud of him for interacting with strangers, because he's normally pretty shy. But he had so much fun. We spent a good 20 minutes there but since this trip was all about him having fun, we didn't mind.

#3: France
Mainly because we got a super yummy crepe there. Sooo delicious. It was buttery and sugary. Mmmm. Oh, right beside that showcase, they had a playground where Nathan played as I ate the scrumptious crepe.

Incidentally, those were the first 3 showcases we walked through. After those 3, we were getting pretty tired and hungry so we rushed through the rest of the showcases. We tried to take our time to see what each country had to offer. We did stop in Germany to check out the miniature village and we tried to find some sushi in Japan. But we ended up speeding over to Mexico where we found some nachos and churros to munch on.

They weren't particularly good but we had to eat before catching our ride over at Soarin'.

Earlier in the day, we had gotten one of the last FastPasses for Soarin' - the most popular ride at Epcot.

When we got there, they told us that Nathan was just a little too short for the ride. A little disappointed, we walked away. We had FastPasses! So we decided we had to try a little harder to get in. You see, earlier in the day, we changed Nathan out of his shoes into his flip flops. And the day before, while wearing his shoes, he was tall enough to go on rides with the same height restriction. So we changed him back into his shoes and shamelessly marched back to the ride and asked the same girls to measure Nathan again.

They looked at us, looked at Nathan, then looked at each other. I could practically hear them thinking how ridiculous we were. But they eventually let us in.

When we got out, the sun was setting. We headed off to our last ride for the night, the test track, where we were met by a huge store filled with Cars paraphernalia. Of course, Nathan wanted everything in the store which caused a lot of tears and frustration. In the end, we secretly bought his birthday present there and somehow convinced him that he didn't need all the cars.

We ended off our time at Epcot eating Skittles, watching the fireworks.


Melissa said...

looks like you guys had a good time!
this place looks really fun!

Andrew said...

changing the shoes was such a genius idea :)

elizabeth said...

I miss your posts, Bee!

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