It's Not Your Size

May 11, 2010

As Nathan was getting ready for bed, I thought I'd use that opportunity to try on some dresses for an upcoming wedding.

Nathan walks in... and the following is the wisdom my little 4-year-old bestowed on me.

Nathan: What are you doing?

Me: Trying on dresses.

Nathan: Why?

Me: To see if they fit.

Nathan: Well, they don't.

Me: I know.

Nathan: So go buy one that's your size.


Nathan: How old are you?

So... I guess it's time for me to go dress shopping. Anyone seen anything good lately? Oh and while we're on the topic of suggestions and looks, has anyone seen any nice hairstyles lately? I'm in need of a change. Thanks.


MarkyDsMom said...

LOL you gotta love the honesty and the curiousity that comes from children!

The Reading Bear said...

At least he was honest with you from the beginning! =)

Andrew said...

i don't like the part about buying more haha

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