1. Develop a habit of waking up at 6am each day

May 10, 2010

The original intent behind this goal was to give myself enough time to leisurely get ready for work so I could start my mornings off right.

Well without my consent, my body has programmed itself to wake up at 6am each. and. every. day.

That includes days when my alarm isn't even set. Like last week, when I was in training and I could have slept in until at least 7am. Or even worse, on the weekends when I can sleep in even later!

At least I don't have to worry about sleeping in and being late for work.


elizabeth said...

Aw yikes! Has the original intent worked, though? :) Do you have a great start to your day?

Bernice said...

I would say yes! Some days, I get right out of bed and leisurely get ready. Other days, I decide I want to rest a little more and lay in bed until I really have to get out!

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