Gift Registries

July 3, 2010

I think gift registries are one of the best inventions ever.

No, I'm not trying to be greedy here. I think gift registries are amazing because there are some times when I'm browsing around at an online store and I find some really amazing things that I eventually want to get. Most of the time, my memory capacity isn't big enough to remember everything I want need so when I actually get to the store (because some of us, myself included, like to buy things from stores instead of waiting for them to show up in the mail), I forget what I wanted, thus postponing the union of me and whatever product I had in mind. [/run-on sentence]

For instance, there's a lot of baby stuff that I hope to get for our new baby eventually. But right now, we're unsure of a few key things, like the baby's gender and how much we want to lug to Australia with us, so I'll just make a list for now.

There's nothing wrong with making a list on my phone for future reference, but it's even better if I put it on a registry because if I ever forget my phone, I can access it at the store! Not only that, I'll have the exact name/code for it, which will make it so much easier for me (or an employee) to locate!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this fantastic idea I had with all of you and hopefully it'll be useful one day, like when you move to a new home, or do your Christmas shopping, or if you develop baby brain like me.

Side story: The other day, I asked Andrew to buy me the best pillow in the whole entire world but he wasn't quite sure what it was called. So he called me from the store, and my first instinct was to put it on a registry so he could find the exact one. Unfortunately, he didn't bother going with my plan and just asked me for the name. He ended up finding it... but it wasn't as fun.

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elizabeth said...

Omigoodness, I missed out on reading your blog for a bit more than a week so the news in your post about BABY and AUSTRALIA just made my job drop :D (I had to look at your profile again just to make sure it was the right blog) Congrats to you both!!! Gonna miss you guys for sure, but you're going to have such a great time :D Look forward to hearing more about your plans as this summer unfolds! <3

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