Birthday, Birthday

September 13, 2010

This past Saturday, we were invited to two kids' birthday parties - one for Nathan's cousin and another for a friend from church.

The first party was earlier in the day at an indoor playground. They had arcade games and normally I'm against the whole buying tokens to play games, winning tickets and trading them in for cheap plastic toys, but Andrew wasn't there to help me decide and Nathan really wanted to play those games! And how can I say no to my firstborn?

He had an awesome time at the party, and it was nice to see family again.

After Nathan traded his hundreds of tickets for a couple cheap toys (I'm so disgusted by the whole idea), we scooted home to give him a quick nap before the next party.

The next party was at our friends' place which was nice and relaxing. They have a large yard so the kids could run wild while the adults sat around and chatted, except for Andrew.

Andrew got the job of pulling the wagon, and playing ball with the kids. He also had to go to their rescue when the wagon got stuck. Sounds tiring but he enjoyed it the entire time which makes me actually consider it when he says he "wants a basketball team".

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choifish said...

Ok, wow. This is so cute. They're on a wagon date!

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