Clones of the Cinnabons

September 10, 2010

Mmmm cinnamon buns.

Who doesn't love a nice, warm cinnamon bun, smothered in thick, creamy frosting?

(Goodness, that sentence is making me drool!)

Last weekend, my sister and I figured it was high time we tried to make our own cinnamon buns. So we gathered up the ingredients and went at it.

There's a few steps involved in making cinnamon buns, and a whole lot of waiting time which is good for me because it's getting way too exhausting for me to be on my feet for long periods of time. My sister was even nice enough to bring a bar stool up for me to sit on so I'd actually help her make the buns.

(Don't tell Andrew, but I think I might like her candy apple more than my green apple. Or maybe it's just the lighting. We'll say it's the lighting.)

After a long time of waiting, the dough still hadn't "doubled its size" like the recipe said it would. It was a little disappointing but we figured we might as well just finish off making the cinnamon buns and hope they turn out okay.

See how disappointed my sister is?

We slathered on the butter.

Loaded it up with cinnamon and brown sugar.

And in a joint effort, rolled the sucker up.

After another little wait, we stuck those buns in the oven and a short while later, out popped these babies.

Then we smothered them in icing. Lots and lots of yummy icing.

They tasted beautiful.

101 Update: I used yeast for the first time in this recipe


Andrew said...

we ran out of those so fast :(

choifish said...

I thought you got a GREEN kitchenaid... but I LOVE the red!

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