Face Mas-kes

October 27, 2010

It's hard to keep track of the days when I'm not going to work. Staying at home, it doesn't really matter what day of the week it is. As long as I have a general idea of what appointments I have that day, or for the week, I'm pretty content not knowing.

But last night, I realized that at the end of this week is Nathan's Hallowe'en party at school! And Nathan has no costume!

Unlike last year when he declared what he wanted to be way ahead of time, this year, I hadn't heard a peep. So I took it upon myself to initiate a family field trip to who-knows-where to buy a costume for Nathan.

We warned Nathan that he could tell us what he wanted but daddy and mommy were going to make the final decision. He contentedly agreed and said "I'll like whatever costume you choose." Perfect!

Inside the store, there was a lot of really gruesome costumes and props. Nathan wasn't used to this so we rushed him over to the wall listing out the kids' costumes. Staring at the wall, Nathan had never been faced with so many options! So many characters all the kids at school were talking about but Nathan didn't know much about. He named one after another. He had no clue what he really wanted. We'd decide on one costume, then he'd name another. This process got a little frustrating so I made a deal with him.

Andrew would choose 2-3 costumes and Nathan could make his selection from those options. This seemed to sound good to Nathan. He trusted daddy's choices. Soon enough, we were trying out costumes. I was a little skeptical about ones with masks but those ones looked coolest! So I told Nathan that he had to try the masks on and if he was okay with wearing them, then we'd buy it.

The first one was some Transformers guy. Optimus Prime? I don't know. But Nathan kept complaining that it was "stinky" so we quickly ditched that costume. I thought that would be it for the costumes with "mas-kes" but once again, I was proven wrong because Nathan's costume for this year has a mask!

Then, Andrew got it in his head that maybe he would dress up for Hallowe'en this year as well! We gave the costumes a quick look and Andrew tried on a bunch of masks but those ones didn't fit properly at all. My only solution? We'll make one! (Because apparently I have a lot of time on my hands...).

Hopefully, we'll have a functional camera by the time Friday rolls around so I can show you what we ended up with!

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