101 Update: Bokeh, Sushi and a Sunrise

December 29, 2010

Taking a quick break from packing up my stuff. I can't believe we're moving out of our condo tomorrow and we still have so much stuff out!

17. Take my parents and sister out for dinner
I can't believe I've never taken my parents and sister out for dinner. There's some unwritten rule that you're supposed to take people out for dinner on your first paycheque. Clearly, I don't live by those rules. But, I felt it would be nice to share a meal with just them (well, and my 3 boys) before we leave to Australia so I told my mom they could choose whatever they wanted to eat. Somehow, she ended up choosing what we (as in the kids) all like eating. I guess that's just the kind of mom she is :) Can you guess where we went? AYCE sushi!

43. Participate in 10 creative challenges: 1
I should clarify - when I wrote that I wanted to participate in 10 creative challenges, I didn't actually mean that I would participate and submit my creations for the challenge. Sure, it'd be nice if I could but right now, I just want to develop my creativity.

The Pioneer Woman had a challenge out for holiday photographs with bokeh in it. I had read about this technique a while ago on Amanda's blog a while ago but I never got around to trying it out. But this year, we got over to my mom's place early and she had Christmas lights all over the house so I took that opportunity to try it out. I took a quick glance at Amanda's tutorial and gave it a shot.

61. Watch the sunrise from 5 different places
It's not exactly the most glamourous places to watch the sun rise from but after a long, sleepless night after Caleb was born, I watched the sun rise from my hospital bed. The view outside was actually pretty crappy, but I managed to capture a shot of Andrew holding Caleb in front of the window as the sun came up.

83. Get a laptop bag for the MBP
This one should have gotten crossed off a while ago. We sort of inherited my sister's laptop sleeve before one of our trips earlier this year. I think we may have borrowed it, then she said we could keep it. It's been put to good use this year with all our trips and such!

I'll have to repost this later on when I regain access to all my pictures

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Elizabeth said...

Congrats on crossing a few more things off your list :) And YAY for PW, I love her too!

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