Christmas Baking Part 2

December 6, 2010

I went to bed last night with the ambitious thought that I'd be baking two more recipes today.

Unfortunately, we had some unexpected guests invite themselves over which sort of cut in on my baking time. So we had to settle for one recipe.

We had just enough time to toss together the first part of the recipe before Nathan's school finished.

While I was pressing the dough into the pan, Andrew made some comment about how "That bottom is the best. It's so perfect." I said, "Thanks." Then, I realized he was talking about the lemon bars. Bahaha just kidding, I knew he wasn't talking about me. I thought it was funny though.

Once these babies cool, we'll sprinkle 'em up with icing sugar and then they'll be perfect.

Sidenote: My Christmas baking is doubling as my snacks-for-guests-who-visit-baby this year. Baby Tsoi's decided he doesn't want to come out and brave the Canadian snow yet. I hope these snacks will be able to outlast Baby Tsoi!


choifish said...

Lemon bars. Love of my life.

pink said...

Baby tsoi has got the right idea!! stay where it's warm!!

Elizabeth said...

Yay for Christmas baking! I'm sure your home smells wonderfully yummy!! :D

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