Christmas Baking Part 1

December 4, 2010

My sister and I were craving some sweets and since I was heading over to my parents' place for dinner, I offered to bake a few cookies for us to enjoy.

Inspired by Nathan's cookies, I decided to make a few Christmas soft cutout cookies, and some festive chewy cookies. Nathan, later joined by my sister, was given the task of decorating the cookies. They gave it their undivided attention...

Nathan decorated some people under the artistic direction of my dad.

The first guy was supposed to be my dad, until Nathan "ruined" his Nathan cookie when one of the buttons on his shirt went astray. So then the guy with the rainbow belt is now my dad and the first guy (who happens to look the best), is Nathan. I have a complicated family.

The red and green cookies weren't as much fun. But they're quick and easy, and a big crowd pleaser around our home.


S2jay said...

WOW.. thanks for the flattering picture..

Bernice said...

It was either put up a picture of you or risk getting another one of your "where's my credit" comments :D So I opted for the one that works out better... for me!

S2jay said...


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