Baking Cookies At School

December 3, 2010

One of the reasons I'm going to miss my son's school so much when we move: Nathan comes home today, goes to the washroom then comes back to the living room and had the following conversation with me.

Nathan: I washed my hands really well, now can I have some cookies?

Me: What cookies?

Nathan: These ones! (Holding a little bag of Christmas cookies). The ones I made at school with the teachers!

They get to cook once a month and this month, they made shortbread cookies, shaped like little people and they got to decorate them and put little faces on the people. Nathan shared the cookies with Andrew and I. They were yummy! I can't wait to get our Christmas baking started this year! Andrew must be excited about it too, because he drove all the way to my parents' place to bring my Green Apple back so I can bake.

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