Andrew's 23rd

December 1, 2010

Andrew chose a race car - he knew Nathan would love it and he said he'll have a happy birthday if we (Nathan and I) are happy.

To celebrate Andrew turning 23 today, I got out of bed extra early to drive Nathan to school with him. Yes, these days, that's a treat. Pregnancy has drained me of all my energy and it's a miracle if I get out of bed before 11. An even bigger miracle if I get to say goodbye to Nathan before he goes to school (and I love it when I get to). And the biggest miracle of all if I get dressed and ready to go in time to drop Nathan off.

Then, I had a chiro appointment, which really wasn't that big of a treat for Andrew, except that it let me sit through the movie he chose for us to watch. That's right, for the first time in who knows how long, Andrew and I sat in a movie theatre and watched a movie. And the great thing was it was free - we had vouchers that needed to be used up, with free drinks and popcorn. And we had the theatre all to ourselves... well, until about 5 minutes before the movie started when 4 women walked in, but other than that, completely empty. AND Andrew liked the movie. RED. You should go see it.

After that, we picked up Nathan from school... together - another rarity.

But after that, I was pooped. I ate a bit and went to bed. Andrew thought I was going to sleep through his entire birthday, but luckily, after a 2.5 hour nap, I was up and at 'em again. I made Andrew go out to buy his own birthday cake (I know, it was a sad, sad situation and I am a horrible wife) but Nathan really wanted to make something for Andrew so we compromised and instead of baking an apple pie to put Smarties on like he originally wanted, he said it was okay for daddy to buy an ice cream cake. Nathan got to put Smarties on that instead.

And now, we're getting ready to watch another movie.


Elizabeth said...

Hehe from previous post suggestions, it looks like he had smarties on his cake last year too :D Sound like a great time, happy birthday Andrew!

Bernice said...

I think Nathan thinks it's the only way to do birthday cakes :)

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