Cleaning Convo: The DS

November 30, 2010

This may be one of the reasons it's taking us so long to pack up our place...

A: Do you know where the DS is?

B: Noooo idea

A: So, any ideas where you might want me to keep the DS charger?

B: With the DS...

On a more positive note, Baby Tsoi #2 is still hanging out in my belly. I originally thought he might show up early like his big brother did, and they do say that the subsequent children come faster but I'm really glad he's keeping warm inside me because we're so close to finishing our packing/sorting. We just want our place to be nice and clean for when Baby comes... and for when people come to visit. Plus, it'd be so nice to just focus all our attention on our family, rather than packing or cleaning for our last month in Canada!

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