A Little Bag of Cookies

December 24, 2010

I've always loved those Danish butter cookies. You know the ones. They come in a dark blue, round tin. Those cookies remind me of get-togethers at our house when I was a kid. My parents would never buy them so around our house, those cookies were a treat and would only be present if there were guests present. Most of the time, those butter cookies would show up around Christmas time.

Now, I love these cookies more than ever. This year, I kind of used being pregnant as an excuse to buy the largest tin available. I later introduced the cookies to Nathan and he liked them as well. But only the smooth round ones. He has no interest in the ones sprinkled with sugar, but that's okay with me. Those are my favourites.

Anyway, as we were getting ready for Blue Mountain, I asked Nathan if he wanted to bring any snacks. He was pretty sick at the time but had just enough energy to let me know he wanted to bring the smooth round cookies. So I packed some up for him in a little Ziploc bag expecting him to maybe regain his appetite and gobble them up. But each time I asked if he wanted a cookie (I really just wanted him to eat something, anything!) he would insist that they were for everyone and he wanted to share.

Throughout the couple of days we were up at Blue, I'd occasionally find him clutching the bag, not eating any of the cookies but ready to share. I've said this many times before but I'm so proud of Nathan and his willingness to share. It makes me even more proud that Nathan chose to share his favourite cookies, despite all the other less-preferred cookies that were available.

It kind of makes me think about how willing we are to share and give, especially around this time of the year. And how willing are we to share the best of what we have? I'm so thankful for Nathan and his little baggie of cookies that reminds me that we need to share with everyone the best gift of all, and to reflect on the birth of Christ.

Merry Christmas, everyone. May the love of Christ fill your hearts and your homes.

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choifish said...

He is so generous! <3

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