Paper Balls

December 26, 2010

So I mentioned previously that the only Christmas decoration I had this year were some Christmas balls. I had seen these a while ago and after a quick search on Google, I found instructions on how to make them.

The balls are not hard to make but they're a little time-consuming. However, you can use these for any occasion just by using different colours of paper to fit your theme!

Simply cut out 20 circles - I chose 5 colours and punched out 4 circles of each.
Fold each circle into a triangle - this part was a little tricky. A bunch of my triangles weren't even but it doesn't really matter too much.
Glue 5 circles together to make the top, 5 to make the bottom and use the rest to fill in the middle of the ball.

I had planned on hanging a bunch of these at different lengths to resemble Christmas ornaments, but as I ran out of time, I simply placed a few around a candle. You could probably put a whole bunch of them in a clear glass bowl for a different effect.


choifish said...

I really like these! I didn't see them when I came over!

Bernice said...

Perhaps they were overshadowed by all the sushi :P

I would have totally given them to you!

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