Nathan's Christmas Party

December 15, 2010

Every year, Nathan's school holds a Christmas party for the students and their families.

Everyone brings some food to share, they order pizza and they make an afternoon out of it.

They have different stations with a variety of activities for the children, and Christmas music playing in the background.

Nathan had been practicing some of their songs at home for the past couple of weeks so I had an idea of what they would be performing, but it was so nice to finally see the final presentation with all the other students as well. Caleb and I hung out in the back, but I still got to watch the whole thing.

I still remember the first time I visited Nathan's school - it was for a Mother's Day Tea. I remember Nathan was too shy to introduce me, wanted to stay with me instead of help serve tea, and didn't really sing the songs. And over the past couple years, he's found himself and now he is not afraid of performing in front of an audience.

It was also Nathan's first time meeting Santa Claus today. He's not really a big deal in our home, but it was still a little heartbreaking for me when Nathan opened his gift from Santa. He went through the motions of sitting on the guy's lap and telling him he wanted a race car for Christmas. So when he opened the gift he was given and saw that it was an ornament and not a race car, he was so disappointed. My poor guy. And now the more I think about it, the more I dislike the whole idea of Santa.

But I'm glad my little guy is so resilient and forgot all about the Santa Claus mishap once the magician showed up.

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