Slow Down, Week, Slow Down.

December 13, 2010

I'm pretty sure no one ever wishes for a week to go by slowly, especially not the week before Christmas holidays begin.

But I'm wishing for this week to go by slowly. For many reasons.

1. This is Nathan's very last week at his first school ever.
My (not-so) baby boy looked like this when he first started:

And now he's like this:

He started off not knowing any other kids, really. And now he's a social butterfly.
He started off knowing just his letters and numbers. And now he's reading everything he can get his hands on. And writing!
He started off quiet and shy. And now, he's developed his own opinion and not afraid to share it.

Nathan has grown so much over the past two years, and a whole lot of it was due to his teachers and the environment they create at his school. I'm going to miss all the things he gets to enjoy there and all the ways they help him challenge himself.

And where else will you find teachers who give gifts to a student's family when they have a new baby? Because that's what they did for us and I was so touched by their gesture. Nathan's teachers have helped him grow so much these past two years. I'm probably going to miss his school so much more than Nathan will.

2. I'm not ready for Christmas
I know it's like Christmas has been "around us" since Halloween ended and I agree that I've been bombarded with Christmas advertising and Christmas music for a while now, but I'm not ready.

This year, we decided it would be best if we didn't put the Christmas tree up. With Caleb arriving and us departing soon after Christmas, it just didn't make sense to put ourselves through all that stress. But now, our home is lacking the warm glow of a Christmas tree we normally have around this time of year and we don't have anywhere to put our gifts! (And now, as I'm writing this, I'm feeling rather guilty that we aren't putting more effort into Caleb's first Christmas!)

With all the chaos of packing up all our belongings, making sure all our luggage isn't overweight, and the arrival of Caleb, I haven't had a chance to prepare myself for Christmas.

3. This is the last week before all the Christmas craziness begins.
It almost feels like we're on a roller coaster. This week is the slow climb up to the top of a big hill, and once we go over it, we'll be thrown into the crazy loops of one Christmas party after another.

We're just barely figuring out who Caleb is, and like our good friends have been telling us all along, having two kids is completely different from having just one. It's a lot more time management and a lot more energy. Especially when it comes to getting ready to go out, being out and judging when it's time to come home.

I want to be able to take it easy and savour my time with the boys this holiday season. I love the warmth of Christmas time and I'm hoping all the rush of the season won't take away from us enjoying it.

I especially want to enjoy it this year because at the end of this roller coaster ride, well, it's the end. And we'll be off to Australia.

4. I'm not ready for Australia.
There. I said it.

I think this whole time, I've been going through the motions of getting ready for Australia - getting all the paperwork done, packing up our things, making sure we only bring what we can afford to bring, but I haven't really got it in my head that we're moving our little family to the other side of the world!

And to make matters a little more difficult, we haven't completely finished packing everything up, we have a lot more paperwork to go through, and we don't have very much time before the offices close for the holidays.



pink said...

and put LIGHTS on the wall!!! And maybe sticker ornaments?! hee hee

mm... kinda not as warm as a real tree - but less mess to clean.

choifish said...

I'm not ready for you guys to go either.

(But it will be great! :) I'm sure of it. )

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