Home in Toowong - Part 1

January 29, 2011

We have officially been living in our new home here in Brisbane for one week now!

People back home have been asking for pictures of our place. While we haven't exactly had a chance to photograph our living environment, nor have we completely finished furnishing and organizing our stuff, I thought it'd be nice to share a couple pictures anyway.

That way, my parents won't be worried about where we're living. (Hi mom! Hi dad!)

Here's looking towards our front door and kitchen from our living room.

I love, love, love those lights above the kitchen counter. They're my absolute favourite and they've been added to the "dream house" area of my brain. And I love how Andrew hung Nathan's drawing over the edge of the counter.

Just on the other side of that counter is our living room and dining room area. We haven't quite finished this area up but Nathan loves the open space. He gets the entire floor to lie on his tummy to paint.

That couch there just happens to be a sofa bed. I specifically chose it because there has been talk of people visiting us here in sunny Australia and so we needed a guest bed of sorts. It's an awfully comfortable bed. Nice and firm. I would know. I've taken many a nap on that lovely sofa bed.

Past the dinner table is a set of sliding doors that lead out to our humongous balcony. At the moment, it's completely empty. We have dreams of maybe getting some patio furniture and a BBQ. Or maybe just a bike for Nathan. We'll make use of the space, I hope.

I don't have pictures of our bedrooms or bathrooms right now and I can't take pictures of them because the boys are finally fast asleep so I'll have to post more pictures of our place later!


Elizabeth said...

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said humongous balcony!! What a beautiful looking place :D

Kat said...

im glad you guys found a nice place to live! its beautiful!!!

Hopefully I can make it down there one day :D

pink said...

agreed! The lights ontop of the counter are a fantastic feature for a kitchen!!!

and when you said bicyle for the balcony I was thinking "for storage?" - but I think you meant to ride around...hahah it's HUGE!!

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