Fast Food

January 31, 2011

During the day, I try to find different ways to occupy the boys. Well, boy, really because Caleb doesn't really ever want anything except to be held, changed or fed. Anyway, I've been meaning to bring Nathan to the library for a while now and today, we finally made it.

We found the tiny children's section in the back. Nathan chose a handful of books for us to read while we were there. Unfortunately, we couldn't bring anything home with us because I didn't have the proof of current address that was required to get a library card. But Nathan was satisfied with his fill of reading.

However, we had spent so long at the library, it was almost 1pm by the time we left and we were famished. So we walked down to the food court and Nathan quickly decided he wanted nuggets for lunch. The plan was for me to get his lunch, then my lunch, then we could eat before we walked home.

Nathan had a plan of his own. As soon as his order was ready, I sent him to grab it from the counter. He got his little happy meal box and drink and immediately sat down at the closets table. "We can sit here," he told me. Without really thinking, I agreed. I sat down and watched as Nathan began eating. Soon, I realized that there wasn't really a way for me to get my own meal now. I couldn't possibly leave Nathan and Caleb at the table by themselves while I went to order my food! I could bring Caleb with me, but then I couldn't leave Nathan alone.

Out of options, I just sat and watched Nathan eat. I asked for a fry and lucky for me, he was in a sharing mood. He usually is. When I told him I didn't get to get my own lunch, Nathan quickly offered me a nugget. I didn't take it, but it was nice to see how caring and generous he could be.

Next time, I'll know to order my own meal first.

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jellobaby said...

haha that's such a great picture of Nathan too =p

i've never thought of that dilemma - not really something that you think about until you're stuck in a situation where you can't leave the kids alone to get some food. good thing Nathan thinks about you :)

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