It's Raining, It's Pouring

January 11, 2011

And we're still living out of our suitcases...

No doubt, many of you have been hearing about the floods going on here in Brisbane. Luckily, the floods haven't reached us yet but the water levels are rising. They've been warning people in low-lying areas to evacuate while they can. We aren't in the low-lying areas but I've been keeping a close eye on the news to monitor for changes.

At the moment, the rain has stopped but there's still warnings of the river rising quite significantly overnight. Please pray for us.

Despite the constant rain, we've gotten a few things done over the past couple of days including buying a car, meeting up with the 4 friends we know here in Brisbane, having some delicious pizza from Dominos*, visiting UQ and finding a permanent place to stay.

I'll do a more in-depth recount of each of those events once things start to settle, and I really hope that's soon because we're all getting pretty sick and tired of being stuck inside all day in the warm, damp air. I just want to settle in to our new home and relax a little before Andrew and Nathan start school again.

*We were so busy devouring the pizza, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it. I'll have to order it again soon so I can take a picture for you guys. I know, I'm fantastic.

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pink said...

YAY for pizza....NAY for rain. Yay for car...NAY for being too far to drive somewhere central where we can meet for sushi and catchups. YAY for finding a home...NAY for being oceans away. but YAY for new adventures! can't wait to hear more!

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