Twenty Five

February 12, 2011

My first Aussie birthday went a little something like this:

After skyping with Andrew's family, we ate some yummy crepes Andrew made for us. I had bought a tub of custard and was dying to use it.
Crepes + custard + fresh fruit = best birthday breakfast.

Then, we made a quick detour to the mall to pick up some diapers for Caleb. While we waited, Nathan made me an airplane out of tissue. It was so cute! He was worried Andrew would throw it in the garbage...

We met up with my friend Semele for some "yum cha" as per Andrew's request. It sucked compared to what we're used to. But everything can't be perfect.

Then we spent some time at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. We went right near the end of the day so there weren't a lot of people around and it wasn't so hot outside.

We saw some cuddly koalas hanging out in the trees. I asked Andrew if I could maybe take a baby koala home. He didn't reply with quite as much excitement as I had hoped.

We fed some kangaroos. Some other kangaroos were too full from being fed by overeager visitors all day. One of the downfalls of visiting at the end of the day.

Nathan loved it!

Hello, Kangaroo!

And we saw a couple other animals enjoying the perfect afternoon warmth in the shade.

Afterwards, we headed home for a little break before heading out again to Sizzler's for dinner. We were going to go for ice cream after dinner but we were way too stuffed for any more food.

My first summer birthday. It was perfect.


Kat said...

It sounded wonderful! May this year be filled with even more blessings :)

pink said...

awwww man!! you guys get kangaroos to feed...and we have Canadian geese. AND they're not even cute!!!! so unfair!!

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