Nathan's Sushi

February 13, 2011

Spur of the moment tonight, I decided we should make sushi for dinner. Usually, meals like this require advanced mental preparation but I was feeling spontaneous. And hungry. And I didn't want takeout.

Right before the stores closed, we all piled into the car, quickly bought some groceries and came back to rice that was already cooked because I asked Andrew to put it on before we left. See? Advanced preparation.

I quickly cut up the filling. Can you tell I have no idea how to cut avocados? I did, however, manage to take out the pit with my knife this time! Yay me! Does that count as a cooking technique?

Then, hoping to let Andrew have some quiet study time, I got Nathan to hang out with me in the kitchen. He put together his very own California roll. He loves California rolls. Choosing filling is serious business.

He carefully lined all the ingredients up in a row. Line by line, he added more filling.

It was beautiful to watch.

Then, someone had to go ahead and ruin all his beautiful work and pile it all together. Does it really need to roll up properly? Honestly... the nerve of some people.

He rolled up the sushi with a little assistance and showed that roll who was boss.

Here's my baby with his first sushi roll.

Right after that picture was taken, he told us it was time for his dinner. The boy went straight to the dinner table, sat down and stuffed the sushi into his mouth.


Andrew said...

best sushi i've had in australia :)

choifish said...

I had sushi tonight too, but that doesn't hold a candle to Nathan-made sushi! xo

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