Valentine's Day

February 14, 2011

Normally, we don't do anything for Valentine's Day. When Nathan was in school, we'd make Valentines for all his teachers and classmates. Since Nathan's currently not in school, I had just cut out some paper hearts for him to doodle on and that was the extent of our Valentine's day celebrations.

But then I decided, hey, what the heck. Let's surprise Andrew with a cake! So I got Nathan to bake a cake with me. He's been really enjoying spending time with me in the kitchen lately, to the point where he asks when we can do the dishes. I'm going to miss him tons when he starts school.

Anyway, I put the cake in the oven and thought I should use this chance to run down and check the mail while we waited for the cake. I grabbed the boys, grabbed the keys and went downstairs.

I was a little disappointed that what I was waiting for wasn't in the box. We went back upstairs, and that's when it hit me - the keys I had in my hand weren't my house keys. They were Andrew's extra keys that he doesn't carry around because we don't use them. We were locked out!

About a million thoughts flooded my head all at once. Thoughts like:

- I should have brought my phone with me! (I figured I'd leave my phone - less to carry and I'd be back in a second anyway)
- I left the oven on!
- The cake is going to burn!
- How much time was left on the timer? 45 minutes?

I was stuck. I didn't know what to do.

I knocked on all my neighbours doors. No one was home.

I tried all the keys again. Nothing worked.

I had to do something quick, or I'd end up burning the whole place down!

We quickly started walking down the street. I saw a church and thought maybe I could use their phone, but the gates at all their walkways and driveways were closed. I didn't have time to try to figure out how to get in, and if there were even people in there.

We ended up at the hotel at the end of our street. I asked if I could borrow their phone. Unfortunately, I didn't remember Andrew's number correctly. So they sent an email to him for me, but I knew he wouldn't be checking his email - he was in class. Eventually, I ended up taking over their computer and phone, and the receptionist texted Andrew for me, and we got in touch with Andrew.

An agonizing 30 minutes later, Andrew was home. We got inside. There wasn't a fire. The cake wasn't burnt. Everything was okay.

I don't think Nathan or I have ever been so happy and relieved to see Andrew. Ever.

What a crazy Valentine's Day.


Alana said...

Oh my goodness. Just reading this post stressed me out!!!! So glad you didn't burn the house down :)

Happy Valentine's!

Elizabeth said...

Haha WOW, what an ordeal! Glad that everything turned out well and that it was a happy ending :) Hopefully with some yummy cake too!

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