Prewashing Fabric

April 2, 2011

When fabric comes with prewash instructions, suggesting you hang the fabric to dry, and to not tumble dry, it's probably a good idea to follow those instructions.

Even if you think it'd be a better idea to tumble dry because it's faster.

Especially if you're new to this fabric/sewing thing.

Case in point:


* * * * * * *

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning with Caleb. Not wanting to wake up the other boys, I got a little bored. I wanted to embrace the early morning sunshine and the fresh air that comes with it. It was a beautiful day.

Ever since we moved here, I've been fighting my urges to fling the sliding doors wide open in fear of bugs and other creatures making their way in. But bugs and creatures will find their way in if they want to. A doctor told me so*.

So I abandoned my fears of bugs entering our home, flung those doors wide open and welcomed the cool morning breeze in.

It was so refreshing and beautiful. Caleb loved it.

But even that wasn't enough. Being on the balcony wasn't enough. So for the first time since landing in Australia, I put my running shoes on, put Caleb in a carrier and took a walk around the block.

* * * * * * *

Before I left for my walk, a fly flew in.

I quickly re-evaluated my leap into Australian-ness and closed all the sliding doors. I mean, you can only take things so far before they get out of hand.

* * * * * * *

We met up with Rani and Philip at South Bank today. While we were talking, I mentioned that geckos have been entering our home and I have no clue how. All our doors have been closed (well, until today...) and it's not like we have insects that they can feast on inside.

*Philip mentioned that windows and sliding door tracks here tend to have a bit of a gap to prevent air pressure build-up in case of cyclones or things of the like. Good to know!

* * * * * * *

Throughout dinner, I heard the fly that had entered earlier today buzzing around us. But I couldn't see it. Then after dinner, I saw it fly into Daddy's Dungeon. I had to put an end to this annoyance.

I went in, closed the door behind me and yelled to the boys not to open the door. There was work to be done.

It was me versus the fly.

I quickly closed the mirrored closet doors so I could have an even better view of the room.

I pushed the chairs in so I could get around the room faster.

With a rolled up magazine in one hand, I watched the fly as he buzzed around. He knew I was coming.

I missed a few times, then finally swatted him down mid-air. As it lay on the ground, I prepared to give it another swat but was distracted by a voice calling from the other side of the door. Andrew suggested that we trade positions and that he go after the fly and I hold Caleb. But I refused. I let the fly in... I would get rid of it.

Refocusing, I watched the fly buzz around again. Then, it landed on the mirrored sliding door. I knew I had it.

With one solid whack, I hit the fly! And all my courage instantly disappeared and I ran out of the room screaming and jumping around because the fly had gotten squished on the glass in a nasty wet mess and the mix of adrenaline and victory was too much for me to handle.

Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. But I got it!

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