Visitor 1: Wes

April 1, 2011

Today, we met up with our very first visitor from Canada - no joke!

Wes is actually making his way along the east coast of Australia, started in Sydney a couple weeks ago and is on his way up to Cairns. He happened to be in Brisbane today and we got a chance to meet up, briefly.

We brought him to Stanley Street Plaza for a little stroll, dinner and dessert. See? It's my new favourite hang out and if you come visit us, I'll bring you there too!

Ended up at Max Brenner's towards the end of the night. It's a cute little cafe filled with chocolate. If you're lucky, I'll bring you here too.

The line went out the door.

We caught up while we waited to order. Here's Andrew using "Max"'s face to show Wes where we live in relation to where UQ is.

While we waited for our order to arrive. Nathan brought me across the square to the jazz bar to listen to some live music. I love live music.

We got back in time for Nathan to take a few sips of Andrew's strawberry milkshake. Then we drove Wes back to his hostel and wished him a good rest of the trip.

Hearing Wes' stories makes me really want to pack up the car and discover more of Australia. I can't wait for our chance to experience the different cities and see the breath-taking views.

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