My First DS Party

September 15, 2007

Last night, I went to my first ever DS party. When I first heard about the DS, I was secretly wanting one. Secretly because I didn't want anyone to find out I had a nerdy game-y side. Anyway, Andrew bought me one for my birthday last year and I played with it endlessly for a while. And then exam season came around and I put it away. I haven't really touched it all summer until yesterday.

I was originally invited to have dinner with a bunch of friends from high school with the possibility of going for drinks after. And then I heard from a good friend of mine that I should bring along my DS just in case. So, I obediently brought it along, not really expecting to touch it. Until.. I got to Go For Tea and found their table.

A table of 7 Asian kids with 5 DSs between them, all competing to have the biggest brain. It was hilarious! Apparently, they no longer communicate, except through their competitive trash talking. I always thought I was a decent player but now I realize that I'm pretty garbage. I need some competition in Waterloo to practice with so I can up my game and be worthy enough to play with the Toronto kids again!

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