Fresh Air

October 18, 2007

From the beginning of first year until the beginning of this term, I've studied outside exactly one time. And that day, I barely studied (because Alison and I were too busy admiring how sunny it was outside, and how nice of a tan we'd get). However, this term I got placed with the women's varsity soccer team and they practice outside (duh).

Now, every other day, I get to sit outside for a few hours and breathe in the some nice fresh air (except for that day some geniuses thought it'd be a great idea to dump a tonne of cow poo onto a field while we were down wind). I try to bring some work to make the most of my time but I usually end up watching their practices (partly because it's my job, and partially because they're so much more interesting than my textbooks and it's near impossible to study). I've found, as one of the assistant coaches warned me, I will experience all types of weather while I'm sitting out there.

I have sat out there with the hot sun beating down on me. I have sat out there with the rain pouring down on me. I have sat out there with the wind blowing away any ounce of heat my poor body had to offer. I have sat out there when I could see my breath. Those days, I just want to go home and crawl into my bed. But then, sometimes when you're lucky, you get nice sunny days that are just perfect.

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