Moose's Femur Fracture

October 19, 2007

Today as I was cleaning my room, I found Moose in a dire need for medical attention. Moose is one of Nathan's favourite toys. Luckily, I was able to tape him to stabilize the limb for now. More intensive procedures will have to be performed later, when I get my hands on some crazy glue. Poor Moose.

Dx: Complete femoral fracture.
MOI: Significant direct trauma to femur bone of right thoracic limb, medially.
S/S: The leg has been completely severed. Patient seems unfazed, only nodding occasionally (he's so tough).
Tx: Immediate immobilization of limb. ORIF using crazy glue. Post-surgery immobilization with brace.
Px: A partial recovery is expected after rehabilitation. Stability will never be the same again.

Note: None of the above is medically sound. This is just a result of residual information from hardcore studying for my injuries course.


andrew said...


and how long until he can go back to regular activity

jellobaby said...

ORIF used incorrectly! :)
if i remember ORIF only refers to when there is METAL in the body! plates/screws only! hahaha

Jasy said...

so nerd!

i love it!

Bernice said...

I will ORIF with whatever I want to! hahaha :)

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