Pesky Postage

June 14, 2008

I finally had my hair and make-up trial session today (as well as our engagement photos, finally). While I was waiting for my appointment, I figured I could be a little extra productive today and mail out the final (hopefully) invitation.

I walked into the Shoppers Drug Mart and headed towards the back where the Canada Post desk was, fully intending on mailing this invitation with the same amount of postage all my other domestic invites had, 96 cents.

The girl at the desk, however, had other things going on in her head. Clearly, she did not have too much in her head, but what she did have was out of touch with reality. She informed me that according to Canada Post policy, they were required to put more postage on the letter than it needed because of its weight and shape to ensure that it wouldn't be sent back to me.

I thought she was a little nuts but I let her go about her business anyway. She proceeded to putting a pad of Post-It notes onto the scale along with my invitation and after punching a few more keys on her computer, looked around the desk for yet another item to place on the scale. Then she announced that I had to pay her two dollars. Two Dollars! I couldn't believe the girl.

Politely, but firmly, I explained to her that I have sent out hundreds (literally) of other invitations with a 96 cent stamp on them and they have all arrived safely to their intended destinations. There was no way I was going to pay two dollars for this one. After being told more lies, I decided I had had enough of her lunacy and took my invitation and left. That girl was really something. And it's not like I was in a rush or anything, they don't send mail on the weekend anyway. If they did, then maybe I'd pay two dollars.

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Gor said...

Oi, Bernice is nasty :P

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