Quick Christmas 2008 Holiday Recap

January 6, 2008

Seeing as how my blogging came to a complete halt once the craziness of the Christmas season kicked in, I'll do a quick recap to (hopefully) make up for it. (Thank you to Emmie for keeping me in check).

Here's our Christmas tree version 2, full of Disney Pixar key chains. I put them up while Nathan was sleeping. It took a little bit of effort to keep all the key chains on seeing as how they're significantly heavier than the average Christmas tree ornament. A few of the heavier ones, we had to strategically perch them on top of the branches. I didn't put too much effort hanging the Cars characters though because I knew the next morning, they'd all be yanked down anyway.

Close-up shots of some of the characters hanging out on our tree:

"McQueen and Sally, parking in the tree. K-I-S-S-uhh...-I-N-G!" - Mater, Cars.

The cute little alien dudes from Toy Story!

And Remy's brother...

Dinner and Desserts

Pancake Breakfast "Tradition"

Featuring Andrew's yummy buttermilk pancakes. I'd like to think that my constant demand for these has helped him to perfect his method.

We topped them up with my favourite syrup, whipped cream and Skor bits. What a great start to the season of unhealthy overeating.

Here's Nathan and my grandmother at our traditional family Christmas dinner. Yes, I realize Nathan's outfit isn't very festive. Let's just say I was quite unprepared for the amount of work and traveling that was required to go into this year's double-family Christmas. I will try harder next year.

My dad took us to see Disney on Ice. Here's Nathan and his grandfather after the show. (Nathan didn't like the ghosts at the beginning of the show.)

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Jasy said...

Andrew can make a mean pancake! They were scrumptious and our tradition rocks. That is all! :)

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