I Like Ketchup, But Not That Much

March 23, 2009

After waiting for a long time at the doctor's office (only to get yet another poke), we went to McDonald's to grab a quick lunch before it was time for me to drop Jasmine off at the subway station. On the way out, I got Nathan a little cup of ketchup for him to dip his fries in.

Right as she was going to leave the car, Nathan informed us that he would like to go with Jasmine. We tried to explain why that would not be possible and it came down to this:

Jasmine: If you go, mommy will miss you. Who will keep mommy company?
Nathan: I will give you (mommy) my ketchup.
Me: *stunned silence* Thank you.


Andrew said...

haha at least the ketchup would go to bed when we tell it to

Jasy said...


i love it. i love him!!! <3

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