Sulley + Bee = BFF!

February 10, 2010

Nathan has recently developed this idea that Sulley-mobile ("Sulley") and I cannot be separated. He insists on me being the voice of Sulley there has been a couple instances where it has gotten to the point where - I kid you not - tears have been shed (on behalf of Sulley-mobile, who is unable to produce tears) when Sulley is not with me.

For two nights in a row now, Sulley has had to sleep in my room and not Nathan's, because it would make Sulley sad if he didn't.

Can someone please tell me what has come over my child?


pink said...

he is WISE beyond his years! He's mastered the concept of empathy, that's for sure.

Andrew said...

he was crying because sulley would be lonely when he went to school

choifish said...

LOL ... ohhhh nathannnnnn!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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