Orlando 2010, Day 1: Cocoa Beach

April 25, 2010

I am so glad we ended up spending the money to buy Nathan a new stroller. It came in so handy with Nathan - keeping him strapped in was so helpful, and it carried all our extra "stuff" as we were going through the airport.

I've never seen it before but there happened to be a playground built right beside our gate so while we were waiting to board our flight, Nathan go to expend some of his energy. Apparently we didn't let him play for long enough because instead of letting me nap, he insisted on talking to me and waking me up when I did doze off, throughout the flight.

When we finally got there, we grabbed all our luggage, got into our rental car and headed straight for the beach. Luckily, Nathan slept the whole way there and woke up just after we parked the car.

We had been telling him we were going to the beach before we left so he had been waiting for it. The girl sitting beside him on the plan asked if he was going to Disney and he said "No. I'm going to Cocoa Beach" - he was so excited. As soon as we got him changed, he grabbed his sand toys and took off towards the boardwalk. What a guy. He couldn't even wait a few more seconds for daddy.

After a quick scan of the beach, we found our spot. We settled right in and from the second I sat down in the sand, I forgot all about life's responsibilities. I was totally, entirely, completely on vacation.

Actually, no that's a lie. Andrew accused me of "taking this vacation thing a little too far" when I accidentally dumped water in the car as I absently handed him the bottle of water, but that's not important.

The important thing was that we were on vacation and we were going to enjoy every single nanosecond of it. And a day on the beach was the best way to relax. All the tension just blew away with the breeze.

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