One-Week Clean Up

November 10, 2010

I just realized I haven't posted pictures of our cleaned up place!

It's been a wild couple weeks of cleaning and organizing. Not to mention the death of camera #2 and the various Halloween festivities.

Shortly after we cleaned it, I started to take stuff out again to be sorted and repacked. Our place looked like one of those homes on an episode of "Hoarders". But then we had surprise guests one day causing Andrew and I to frantically clean up for 3 hours straight. Plus, we moved some of our bigger pieces of furniture to my parents' place and we emptied our storage locker into our condo. Our space looks drastically different now, but here are the pictures from our clean up efforts at the one-week mark.

Okay, so to refresh your memory, this is what it looked like before: *click*

And this is what it looked like cleaned up a little:


Elizabeth said...

Impressive :D Funny how guests can be such inspiration. The challenge is always keeping everything in place afterwards!!

Andrew said...

haha we usually don't meet that challenge :P

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