Crossing Roads

March 19, 2011

A couple days ago, after school, after Nathan was all finished playing in the playground, Nathan and his friend (who also happens to be named Nathan) ran along the path between the school and the parking lot.

As both Nathans approached the edge of the parking lot, they both stopped.

"Good," I thought, "Just like we taught him."

But then, just as I finished that thought, both Nathans bolted across the parking lot. By then, other Nathan's mom and I caught up to them, and we both said quick goodbyes as we questioned our own Nathans about what they were thinking, running into the parking lot like that.

Turns out, they stopped at the edge of the parking lot, looked both ways and when other Nathan said there were no cars (and there weren't), they decided it was safe to cross.

Just like we taught him.

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